"Circle to Circle"

2007 Winter

A study of circles.

"Integrative Typography"

2006 Fall

Typographic study of Irving Penn and Mario Testino

"Visual Music"

2006 Spring

Visualization of a music written by Alva Noto and Sakamoto Ryuichi.

"Takashi's Seasons"

2006 Winter

A live shadow puppet performance utilizing a digital projector.

"Meet the Pixels"

2005 Fall

A book containing constructible paper toys with the aim of increasing awareness of depression.


2005 Spring

An interactive game involving user's physical movement.


2005 Spring

An interactive toy to create abstract dot-patterned animations.

"JSA Branding Projects"

2005 Fall ~ Present

Informal series of graphic design jobs done for the Japanese Student Association at UCLA.


2004 Fall

A compilation work about art by my fellow classmates from a typography class.

"Rudimentary Studies"

2003 Fall ~ 2004 Spring

A compilation of assignments done in some of my foundation classes at UCLA.