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"Integrative Typography"

Fall 2006

Integrative Typography is a series of 3 posters designed in a class taught at UCLA by Henri Lucas.

The primary goal of this assignment was to pick two photographs from an early 20th century photographer, and also from a contemporary counterpart, and then design posters which respond to their photographs.

Within these 3 posters, students in this class were required to design and include the following:

1.) Cover of the poster

2.) Back cover of the poster

3.) Typographic response to the photograph which the student has chosen.

4.) Write a short essay regarding the photograph.

5.)A photographic response to the two photographs which the student has chosen.

6.)An infographic representing the logical progression of how the student derrived to his/her particular photographic response.

An UCLA D|MA faculty, Rebeca Mendez came into class as a guest crit on the last day of class.

public showings

"UCLA Undergraduate Design Exhibition" Los Angeles, US, Winter 2007