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"Meet the Pixels"

Fall 2005

"Meet the Pixels" inaugurated itself as a collaborational project with the UCLA Medical Center and the UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts, in order to develop an informational material about mental health. Upon realizing, "Meet the Pixels" evolved as a booklet consisted of informative material about depression, and a paper-buildable toy which is also a part of the booklet.

I have designed several pixel-graphic characters that visualize some of the most important symptoms of depression (such as abnormal appetite, thought of death, fluctuating emotions, etc). By creating characters in a less-intrusive visual laguange, the project aims to be less aggressive when approaching towards depression.

The book enables the reader to make all these characters into physical toys. Upon building these characters as an object, the reader also gains knowledge from the booklet, in a more fun and approachable manner.

public showings

"UCLA Undergraduate Design Exhibition" Los Angeles, US, Winter 2006