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"Rudimentary Studeis"

2003 Fall - 2004 Spring

These are collection of documented images from my early foundation courses. Classes include color, drawing classes and visual technology class taught by taught by Prof. Vasa Mihich and Prof. Christian Moeller respectively.

For the color class, the class started out as training students to master to get the colors with the right values, hue and saturation. Over the class progressed, the assignment became more complex and students faced the challenge to mix and paint number of colors.

In the same line, the drawing class also taught by prof. Vasa confronted my fellow students to go through rigorous drawing exercises, such as draw a thin line, single-mindedly but in a way such that the the conglomeration of line will be evenly distributed.

The mastery of absolute precision was also a must for the visual technology class. Prof. Moeller assigned students to take series of photographs, which would eventually construct a larger square within a smaller square.